Customized Book Covers

Your Book's Cover is the first thing a reader sees when they browse online bookstores.
You have 5 seconds to convince them to click on it and read your synopsis.

With the millions of books online, make yours stand out with an EYE CATCHING and PROFESSIONALLY DESIGNED cover. 

It will attract. It will entice. It will intrigue.
It will hint at the book's quality.

We can help you bring readers one step closer to purchasing your book.

We offer different types of Book Covers. 
What do you need?

$ 20

Includes One (1) Royalty-Free Image
Image manipulation not included
Delivery in 2 days or less
1 Revision
(2) FREE 3D Images 

$ 50

Includes 2 or more Royalty-Free Images
 Delivery in 3 business days
3 revisions allowed
(2) FREE 3D Images 

$ 30

Add this service if you need a wraparound cover.
Send us your photo, book cover (if we didn't design it), your preferred size, number of total pages of the print manuscript, short bio and a 150 word synopsis.
2 revisions allowed.

Malaika by Van Heerling, Cover by The Book Khaleesi

$ 60

You must have an existing front cover.
If you don't have a front cover, choose the cover design you need and add the service to your order.
We will only design the back cover and spine, if you don't have them yet.
The PDF will be optimized for IngramSpark's requirements.

$ 80

Up to 5 Books only
(If you have more, please email us)
We will ONLY design the Front Cover and Spines for the Boxed Set, not the individual book's covers.
With Transparent Background.


Order 5 3D images for your website, social media banners and marketing campaigns.
We will choose the 3D images, depending on the materials you send us.
(For example: If you don't have a spine or back cover, we will choose 3D images that will not require them.)
You can send different covers for the 5 3D images or just one cover.

How to Order

Choose the type of services you need from the dropdown menu below

Click on the ADD to CART button and checkout
(PayPal, Credit Card or Debit Card)
EMAIL the images and information we need to design the cover.
Share your preferences with us. (Color, Theme, Feel - any other instructions)
Once we receive notification of payment, we will email you within 24 hours.
You will receive...

High Resolution Cover (PNG, JPG, PDF)
Perfectly sized for your chosen publishing platform
For Createspace and IngramSpark, a PDF of the wraparound cover. (5x8, 6x9, etc.)
Free 3D images for your marketing campaign and website

So... Let's start?

Choose from the design options below:

Cover Design Options:


1) Upon submission of the draft for your approval, you can request for 3 revisions to the layout and fonts before we finalize the design. Any revision requests after the final design has been approved, or after the revision limit has been reached, will be considered a new job..

2) Credit to The Book Khaleesi at as the Cover Designer on the book's copyright page.

3) The final design will be in JPG or PNG format, in high resolution, and will include 3D images of the eBook cover. For paperbacks, the PDF of the cover will be sent in the exact trim size requested. 

The Book Khaleesi does not provide the source file of the cover design, and is not obligated to, unless specified in a special agreement.

4) While the client is given the right to use and distribute the final cover design upon completion of the contract, the cover design itself may not be altered or added to in any way, nor should the client use or display disapproved design drafts, without the written consent of The Book Khaleesi.

5) The Book Khaleesi retains the right to use the cover image as part of its portfolio and service promotions.

By ordering the service, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to these terms.

Affordable and Meticulous Proofreading Service

When you purchase a book, and it happened to be riddled with errors, you will never read anything written by that author again. Ever.

You don't want that to happen to your book, right?
You want to publish books that readers will enjoy. A book that you can be proud of.

Let's prepare your manuscript for publishing, shall we?

EMAIL US to get a schedule ---

*** For Line Editing or Copy Editing, please send us the first 3 chapters of the manuscript for evaluation, before we send a quote.

*** At this time, we are not accepting memoirs.


This is the FINAL step before publishing.
*** We only accept EDITED manuscripts
Our rate is $0.008 per word.
(Total Word Count x $0.008 = Total Cost)
Timeline: Depending on the length of the manuscript.

Corrects surface errors only - such as typos, duplicate words, and missing words
Checks punctuation and quotation marks.
No rewrites.
Final polishing.

We are fans of the Oxford Comma. Let us know if you don't like it.
FREE Kindle formatting.

The Proofreading Process
  • Send us 2 chapters for evaluation. We will not proofread an unedited, raw manuscript. (Please request for COPY EDITING instead.)
  • Indicate TOTAL WORD COUNT and Genre.
  • After evaluation, we will email you a quote and schedule.
  • After we agree on the pricing and completion date, we will send you a Paypal invoice. 
  • We require a 50% downpayment before we start the project. 
  • Once payment is made, email the full WORD manuscript to:
  • When we're done, we will send you the proofed manuscript for review. An invoice for the balance will be sent.
  • After approving (or rejecting) the changes we made, send the manuscript back to us. This is for final polishing in case we missed something. (Yes, we're meticulous like that.)
  • PLUS we will format the manuscript for Kindle for FREE.
  • When we return it to you, the manuscript will be ready for publishing.

How do we proof a Manuscript?

We go through the manuscript line by line, and make the changes directly into the WORD manuscript.
You will see the Track Changes marked in RED or BLUE.
You will only need to approve or disapprove the changes we made.


NOTE: The Book Khaleesi should be credited in the copyright page as proofreader and formatter.

Get in touch! We're only an EMAIL AWAY!

Formatting and Book Design

We can format your manuscript for all publishing platforms.

EPUB, SMASHWORDS, MOBI (Kindle), PRINT (Createspace or IngramSpark).

We also design Book PDFs for website giveaways, ARCs, etc.

Most services format only the structure, but they do not DESIGN the book. We do. We pay attention to factors that affect the reading experience. The converted manuscript will be structurally sound AND visually pleasing.


Kindle or ePub Format
Per Title
Maximum of 60 Chapters
If more than 80 Chapters, PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST.

For Children's Books, Poetry, Cookbooks, Anthologies and Collections, and image heavy manuscripts, please email us first.


Clickable Links
Table of Contents (Optional)
Author Page / Other Titles Page / Sales Page

Note: eBook formats don't require page numbers, special fonts, headers or drop caps.
In eBook formatting, focus is on the FLOW.


One Title
Maximum of 60 Chapters
If more than 80 Chapters, PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST.

For Children's Books, Poetry, Cookbooks, Anthologies and Collections, and image heavy manuscripts, please email us first.


Table of Contents with Page Numbers (Optional)
Title / Author Name on Headers
Author Page
Other Titles Page (Optional)
Drop Caps (Optional)
Special Typography
PDF/X format for IngramSpark

If the book has images, you will need to send us the image files set at 300 dpi.
If you need us to fix the image size, please email us first.



Ideal for Children's Books and Poetry Books, Digital Magazines, PDF eBooks or any project where heavy designing is required, with images and colors.

Let us know what you need, for a proper quote


The costs indicated above are only for regular formatting of WORD manuscripts. If more advanced formatting is required to bring the state of the manuscript to publishing standards, we will advise and the cost will change. One example is when you need a PDF converted to WORD before we format.

We will correct formatting errors that turn up when you upload to the publishing platforms. Such as quirky indents, extra paragraph spaces, blank pages, and margin errors. However, if you need us to reformat due to content changes, (corrections, additional images, etc.) that will require another job order.

We are not in any way responsible for content errors. Please have your manuscript proofed first. It's important to note that we don't read when we format. During formatting, we are focused on structure, not content.

How to Order
  • Choose the formatting service/s you need from the dropdown below.
  • Click on the Add to Cart button and check out when you're dont. You will be taken to Paypal for secure payments.
  • When we receive the payment notification, we will reply to confirm your order.
  • Send us the WORD manuscript through EMAIL.
*** If your manuscript is not on WORD and you need us to extract from a PDF, email us first.
*** For Createspace formatting, please send us your preferred book size. (5x8, 6x9, etc.)
*** IngramSpark formatting is different from Createspace formatting. Choose that specific format.
*** Include a high resolution photo of you, your bio, and your social media links (for eBooks).
*** If you want to add an "Other Titles by Author" page, please send us your book links.
Turnaround time is 3 business days per format, after we receive the manuscript.

What to Expect

You will receive the converted MOBI (For Kindle) or ePub, ready for upload. 
For Createspace formats, you will receive the PDF. 
For IngramSpark, you will receive a PDF/X file with embedded fonts that meets their requirement.
The formatted source WORD manuscript is NOT included.

All good? Just EMAIL US if you have questions.

Formatting Types:


1) We provide revisions for formatting errors only. Once published, the client releases The Book Khaleesi from all accountability. Editing revisions to the manuscript in the future, or changes to preferred size or format, or additional images which would require reformatting, will be treated as a new job and NOT a continuation of the previous contract. 

2) The formatted manuscript will be sent in mobi, epub or PDF format, depending on the contract. The formatted source WORD file will not be provided.

3) Credit to The Book Khaleesi for the Interior Formatting should be included in the front matter/copyright page.

By ordering the service, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to these terms.

Still and Animated Marketing Banners


The right image, that is.
Some images are mute, voiceless, boring

Your banner is a would-be reader's first encounter with you and your book.
It should show your idea of quality.
Giving them a peek of what they can expect from your work.
It communicates taste, standards, and sets expectations.

A beautifully designed banner will do wonders for your marketing campaign.
Without a doubt, a social media or blog post with an IMAGE works 10x better than one without.

It invokes a REACTION.
It sparks INTEREST.

That is the purpose of your banner.

We design banners for book launches, promos, cover reveals, etc.
Choose from the 3 different types of banners below.


Background design
Includes copywriting
Free 3D image of your book cover

Samples below. More on the Banner Gallery.


5 page GIF
Free 3D images of your book cover
Includes copywriting


Length: 10 to 20 Seconds
Format: GIF or MP4 (Your choice)
We will look for the video clip that highlights your story best, if you don't have one.
If you have one, the cost is the same.
Includes copywriting.
Uploaded on You Tube for additional exposure

Animated Banners by The Book Khaleesi

Animated Banners by The Book Khaleesi

How to Order
  • Choose the type of banner you need then Add it to your Cart. When you're done, checkout and it will take you to Paypal for secure payments. 
  • EMAIL US a copy of the images or clip you want included on the banner, if any. 
  • Give us an idea of what your campaign is about. What is the purpose of the banner? 
  • When we receive payment confirmation, we will email you within 24 hours to confirm. 
  • 2 days turnaround time.

Choose the Banners You Need:

Book Trailers by The Book Khaleesi

We produce beautiful, professional, affordable, customized and cinematic book trailers that you can use to add to your marketing campaigns.

The Video will be your SYNOPSIS in Motion. We use cinematic music backgrounds and customized full screen still images and video clips.

It will be a visual rendition of your blurb, designed to trigger an emotional response from the viewer.

Using Still, Full Screen Images:

With Cinematic Intro and Movie Clips:

What to expect: 
  • If you don't have a script, we will create one and send it to you for approval.
  • High Definition Video 
  • Video Length: 2 minutes maximum 
  • Theme: Depending on the book's genre 
  • Fonts will be designed to match the genre 
  • Service includes copywriting; based on your book's synopsis 
  • Choice of full screen, copyright free still images or with cinematic intro and movie clips 
  • Copyright free music, images and videos used 
  • Free 3D images of your book cover, as needed.
  • 1 minor revision allowed 
  • 10 business days to complete 
What we will need from you:
  • High resolution copy of your cover 
  • The book's synopsis 
  • Details of your promotion, if any 
  • Any high resolution image you want to add (Landscape)
  • Any logo you want to add 
  • The book's links (Where is it available?) 
  • Special instructions? Let us know before production starts
We are marketing experts and graphic designers, we can showcase your book in the best possible way. The book trailer's purpose is to get attention and build interest. We'll create the video with that in mind, at the same time, staying true to the story.

The book video trailer you'll receive will be a visual summary of your book. Original. One of a kind. We don't use video templates.

And the best part? We've made it affordable for you. We've always been cheap like that.

Order your book trailer now and let us do our magic!

With Full Screen Still Images Only


With Cinematic Intro and Movie / Motion Clips


***After payment, please send the things we need so we can start producing your video book trailer. Email us at