Still and Animated Marketing Banners


The right image, that is.
Some images are mute, voiceless, boring

Your banner is a would-be reader's first encounter with you and your book.
It should show your idea of quality.
Giving them a peek of what they can expect from your work.
It communicates taste, standards, and sets expectations.

A beautifully designed banner will do wonders for your marketing campaign.
Without a doubt, a social media or blog post with an IMAGE works 10x better than one without.

It invokes a REACTION.
It sparks INTEREST.

That is the purpose of your banner.

We design banners for book launches, promos, cover reveals, social media covers, etc.
Choose from the different types of advertising materials below.


Background design
Includes copywriting
Free 3D image of your book cover
Choice of Landscape or Square
3 days turnaround time

Samples below.


Length: Up to 20 Seconds
For longer scripts, or if you want background music, please order a mini or full book trailer.
Format: GIF or MP4 (Your choice)
Includes Stock Photos and/or Stock Video Footage.
Free 3D images of your book cover.
Script included. Based on your synopsis and reviews.
Uploaded on You Tube for additional exposure
5 days turnaround time

See Samples on You Tube

Animated Banners by The Book Khaleesi

Animated Banners by The Book Khaleesi

How to Order
  • Choose the type of banner you need then Add it to your Cart. When you're done, checkout and it will take you to Paypal for secure payments. 
  • EMAIL US the link of the book at 
  • Give us an idea of what your campaign is about. What is the purpose of the banner? 
  • When we receive payment confirmation, we will email you within 24 hours to confirm. 

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  1. I bought a few book banners from The Book Khaleesi. I was very pleased with the results. They were eye catching and looked professionally made. I certainly will put them to good use.

    Richard Hall
    Author of Shadow Angels and Rise of the Queens

    1. Glad you were pleased, Richard. I enjoy designing paranormal fantasy banners, and Shadow Angels and Rise of the Queens are now on my TBR list. Happy marketing!

  2. I love The Book Khaleesi! The banners she made for me are awesome and inspired! Highly recommended!

    S. S. Bazinet

  3. The Book Khaleesi has made 2 banners for my contemporary romance, and I am absolutely thrilled! She picked up some backgrounds with stunning colors that complemented the cover, and just overall look so visually appealing and professional!


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