Book Trailers by The Book Khaleesi


We produce high impact, stunning, affordable, customized and cinematic book trailers that you can use for your marketing campaigns.

The video will be your SYNOPSIS IN MOTION.

We do not use templates. Your book trailer will be original.

We use cinematic music backgrounds and customized full screen still images and animations combined.

It will be a visual rendition of your blurb, designed to trigger an emotional response from the viewer.

$ 150

A combination of video clips and images
Cinematic background music
Voice over narration
Length: 30 to 59 seconds
We can use your synopsis but it's better if you give us a script.
Free 3D images of your book cover
Uploaded on YouTube for additional exposure
One Revision
15 business days turnaround time minimum

~ Samples below ~


What we will need from you:

High resolution copy of your cover 
The book's synopsis or a script
Details of your promotion, if any 
Any high resolution image you want to add (Landscape)
Any logo you want to add 
The book's links (Where is it available?) 
Special instructions? Let us know before production starts

We are marketing experts and graphic designers, we can showcase your book in the best possible way. The book trailer's purpose is to get attention and build interest. We'll create the video with that in mind, at the same time, staying true to the story.

The book video trailer you'll receive will be a visual summary of your book. Original. One of a kind. 

And the best part? We've made it affordable for you. We've always been cheap like that.

Order your book trailer now and let us do our magic!

***After payment, please send the things we need so we can start producing your video book trailer. Email us at

*** No refunds or cancellations once the project starts. 


  1. Eeva delivered a quality product, for a reasonable price quickly. She was constantly in touch, sending previews, asking for inut and feedback and providing valuable advice.
    Overall, a wonderful experience working with her and the end product is brilliant! Thanks very much, Eeva.

    1. A pleasure doing the video for you. Thanks for taking the time to review my work. :) All the best!

  2. Eeva and her team did an amazing job! Check out the video trailer for my novel Spirit of Prophecy. Eeva is the GO to Indie guru, she really knows her stuff , the team are professional, responsive and I can't recommend them highly enough! They delivered a high quality product [which I love as it really captures the essence of my book] and I'm fussy!!! at an excellent price. Thank you so much. J.J Hughes [UK]

    1. Thank you for your feedback. We're glad you love it. Best of luck to Spirit of Prophecy!

  3. I LOVE the trailers Eeva has made for me! They are stunning, and incredibly appealing. So far she's done 3... I'm on the page right now to order #4 :)

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Allie! I'm happy that you love your trailers. :)

  4. Book trailers are like mini commercials for your books. They help your book get noticed and Eeva does a great job capturing what your book is about. All my trailers have been made by her. You can't miss. A great product and a reasonable cost. Thanks again Erik Dean

  5. If you are reading this your still undecided about hiring the Book Khaleesi. Let me assure you that it will be the best thing you did for your book. Why, because it was for me and my debut novel. The trailer Eeva provided me was not only visually stunning but most importantly captivating. I've already decided to use her and the Book Khaleesi for my next project.

  6. The book trailer is terrific! I only hope the book lives up to its trailer. I'll be doing more in the future. Five stars.


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