Amazon Optimization


So, you've been promoting your book on social media, hoping to drive readers to your Amazon book page. All good. 

But is your Amazon page ready to sell your book?

Does it look professional or self-made?

Is your synopsis convincing enough to make them click the BUY button?

Have you chosen the best categories for your book to improve your ranking?

When a reader visits your Author page, does it look like it belongs to a serious author?

If in doubt, we can help you optimize your Amazon book and author pages.
Make them look professional.
Get them ready for viewers.

We have improved the book ranking of many authors.

Professional-looking Amazon book pages assure readers of quality and brings them closer to buying.

If a book page is sloppy, or created without thought of how it should be done, readers get the impression that the book could be sloppy too. 
Not worth buying.

And no author wants that to happen.
When a reader visits their Amazon book page, authors want them to buy.

Let us help.



Cost is per Title
Rewriting (if needed) and formatting of your synopsis to turn it into a convincing sales copy and make the book page look like the page of famous authors.
Adding your book to 10 relevant categories to help with ranking and searchability.
Improve your Author Page.

We will need temporary access to your Amazon and Author Central account.
You can change your passwords when we're done. 


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