Formatting and Book Design

We can format your manuscript for Kindle, ePub and Paperback (Amazon Print).

We also design Book PDFs for website giveaways, ARCs, etc.

Most services format only the structure, but they do not DESIGN the book. We do. We pay attention to factors that affect the reading experience. The converted manuscript will be structurally sound AND visually pleasing.


Kindle or ePub Format
Per Title / Up to 60 Chapters
61-80 Chapters = $30
If more than 80 Chapters, PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST.

For Children's Books, Poetry, Cookbooks, Anthologies and Collections, and image heavy manuscripts, please email us first.


Clickable Links
Table of Contents (Optional)
Author Page / Other Titles Page / Sales Page

Note: eBook formats don't require page numbers, special fonts, headers or drop caps.
In eBook formatting, focus is on the FLOW.


Per Title / Up to 60 Chapters
61-80 Chapters = $50
If more than 80 Chapters, PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST.

For Children's Books, Poetry, Cookbooks, Anthologies and Collections, and image heavy manuscripts, please email us first.


Table of Contents with Page Numbers (Optional)
Title / Author Name on Headers
Author Page
Other Titles Page (Optional)
Drop Caps (Optional)
Special Typography

If the book has images, you will need to insert high resolution images in the document - 300 dpi.
If you need us to fix the image size, please email us first.


Ideal for Children's Books and Poetry Books, Digital Magazines, PDF eBooks or any project where heavy designing is required, with images and colors.

Let us know what you need, for a proper quote


The costs indicated above are only for regular formatting of WORD manuscripts. If more advanced formatting is required to bring the state of the manuscript to publishing standards, we will advise and the cost will change.

We will correct formatting errors that turn up when you upload to the publishing platforms. Such as quirky indents, extra paragraph spaces, blank pages, and margin errors. However, if you need us to reformat due to content changes, (corrections, additional text or images, etc.) that will require another job order.

We are not in any way responsible for content errors. Please have your manuscript proofed first. It's important to note that we don't read when we format. During formatting, we are focused on structure, not content.

How to Order
  • Choose the formatting service/s you need from the dropdown below.
  • Click on the Add to Cart button and check out when you're done. You will be taken to Paypal for secure payments.
  • When we receive the payment notification, we will reply to confirm your order.
  • Send us the WORD manuscript through EMAIL.
*** If your manuscript is not on WORD and you need us to extract from a PDF, email us first.
*** For Paperback formatting, please send us your preferred book size. (5x8, 6x9, etc.)
*** We DO NOT format for Ingramspark.
*** Include a high resolution photo of you, your bio, and your social media links (for eBooks). For the paperback, it is advisable that you use to shorten your social media links.
*** If you want to add an "Other Titles by Author" page, please send us your book links.
Turnaround time is 3 business days per format, minimum, after we receive the order and the manuscript.

What to Expect

You will receive the converted MOBI (For Kindle) or ePub, ready for upload. 
For Amazon print, you will receive the PDF. 
The formatted source WORD manuscript is NOT included.

All good? Just EMAIL US if you have questions.


1) We provide revisions for formatting errors only. Once published, the client releases The Book Khaleesi from all accountability. Editing revisions to the manuscript in the future, or changes to preferred size or format, or additional images which would require reformatting, will be treated as a new job and NOT a continuation of the previous contract. 

2) The formatted manuscript will be sent in mobi, epub or PDF format, depending on the contract. The formatted source WORD file will not be provided.

3) Credit to The Book Khaleesi for the Interior Formatting should be included in the front matter/copyright page.

By ordering the service, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to these terms.



  1. I hope it's okay that I'm leaving a comment here. :) I'm so glad I came across The Book khaleesi. They were not only prompt to answer my question but they delivered FAST and exceeding my expectations as far as formatting my books for Createspace. I was literally blown away! So much so I'm placing another six orders for them to format my books. They are my go-to service for formatting and I HIGHLY recommend them to other authors. Thank you so much!

    1. Hey Tia, thanks for taking the time to review our service. Looking forward to formatting more of your bestsellers. :) Happy writing!

  2. The Book Khalessi did an excellent job formatting my book for CreateSpace. I'm so glad I found them in my Twitter feed. I've already recommended their services to other authors.
    Siera London, Bestselling Author

    1. Thanks for the review Siera! The print book looks great online. Cheers!

  3. I'm so happy to have found The Book Khaleesi and am proud to say it has become my go-to for all my author needs. Seriously, Eeva Lancaster is the BEST. New authors, look no further. Seasoned authors, you'll be so happy you checked them out and wonder why it hadn't been this easy all along. The gold standard in author services. A+

    1. Kristy, thank you for such a glowing review. Glad to make your publishing process easier. Happy writing!

  4. The Book Khaleesi really came through for my book. It was timely and an overall great experience. I will be using this service in the future.

  5. The Book Khaleesi did my formatting for Create Space and kindle. She was fast, professional and did a great job. She made the publishing process a bit easier, and I'll be using her services again in the future.

  6. The Book Khaleesi (TBK) saved my butt! Eeva did a fantastic job of getting me a PDF, Mobi, and ePub ready for my blog tour. TBK responded quickly and even helped me with a few edits. They went above and beyond what I paid for. Bravo! If you're an indie writer, hire TBK! They will do you right!

  7. The Book Khaleesi is THE place to go for high quality work, fast turnaround, and very reasonable prices. The people working there are very helpful and friendly. I highly recommend them!
    Glenn Stevens

  8. Hey Eeva your formatting & book design is top notch. I have had bad experiences with other companies, that tried to cram all the manuscript into a unreadable mess. Your formatting makes my books look like professionally published book and easy to read. Thank you for all your help. Erik Dean


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