Book Cover Animation

Enhance your marketing campaigns with animated book covers!

Animation simply means making the elements of a design move, without distorting the design itself.
Our book cover and banner animations can make your designs pop. Classy and discreet, the moving elements will surprise a viewer. 

We can also add layers that will enhance the theme of your book cover, such as smoke, glitters, clouds, fire, and other nature effects. These layers will not reduce the clarity of the cover or overpower the design in the final render, but will only be additions to express the book's theme.

You will receive an MP4 or a GIF. We recommend the MP4 so you can share it on social media. GIFs are huge and to reduce the size would compromise the quality. You can also request for both file types.

Here are samples of our work.

$ 15

We animate existing cover designs. If you want us to design a cover for you, please go to our Cover Design page. There's an option there to add an animated cover to your cover design purchase.

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  1. Hey Eeva, the fantastic animated book covers you have made for me, really make the books stand out. Thank you Erik Dean


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