Book Management and Social Media Management

This service is recommended for serious authors who:

Don't know how to market their books
Don't have the time
Want to give their books the best chance for success

What is Book Management?

When you're ready to publish your book, that's when we take over.
This service is similar to having a personal assistant, but we'll only perform tasks related to the publishing and marketing of your book.

The service includes but is not limited to:

Publishing on Amazon
Copywriting and Formatting the Synopsis
Adding to relevant categories for maximum exposure
Conducting promos and monitoring performance
Recommend activities to improve your book's credibility

Monthly Social Media Promotion
which includes:

Banner Designs
Auto posting from your X account (Optional)
Regular posts to X, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn using our accounts to keep your book in front of readers

*** Editing, Cover Design and Formatting are NOT included in this service

Why do you need this service?

Because you're writers, and what you do best is WRITE.
Because marketing is a totally different skill and it's not just about sharing on social media.
Because we're very good at this, and have helped many authors set-up and improve their Amazon pages and marketing efforts.
Because we understand branding and how to make your books stick in the minds of readers.
Because you want to give your books a fighting chance in this competitive market, and so you must do it right. 
Because it's easy to post on social media, but difficult to make it convert to actual sales.
Because your marketing efforts will fail if your platform is not ready to convince readers your book is worth buying.
Because CONSISTENCY, QUALITY and POWERFUL Marketing are required to even be noticed as a serious writer.

We do not promise bestsellers.

Never. We can promise you that, maybe make your book a #1 bestseller in an obscure category for a day . . . but that won't help you at all. You won't reach your target readers.
Once you're no longer #1, you can't call yourself an Amazon bestselling author. It's not like USA Today. It's all for show, and we don't believe in temporary solutions.

Our aim is to help you create a book worth buying and show it to readers in the best possible light.
To imprint your name and your titles in the memories of possible readers.
For it to overcome a reader's objections, resulting to sales.
To make it searchable on Amazon by climbing the ranks through consistent sales from generic readers, not friends or family.

It takes time to build a robust author platform that can sustain itself in the future.
And even then, it is not a given that your book will be a bestseller.

But at least, you've given it a chance.
That's what we offer.
A chance to compete in the publishing industry, which is constantly evolving.

If you want that chance, book now so we can start a conversation.

"Eeva is an indie author’s best friend. She is knowledgeable, creative, direct, and available. Once I hired Eeva as my book manager, I was able to concentrate on writing while she handled most everything else. An author cannot do it all and expect to be successful. If you are promoting, you are not writing. I recommend Eeva to everyone because she is the key to an indie author’s success!"

What's the cost?

$350 a month per Title
If you have more titles, we can do package deals.

What we need from you

Access to your Amazon KDP, a Gmail account, and access to X, if applicable.
(Check our Privacy Policy)
Copies of your book covers
The links to your website and social media accounts, and wherever you're present

That's it.
You can go back to writing your next novel and leave everything to us.

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